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Chilterns Sports Clinic

Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention Specialists. Operated by and in support of The Chilterns MS Centre. 

The Chilterns Sports Clinic offers treatment and prevention of sports injuries through specific structured biomechanical analysis, exercise therapy, specialist massage techniques and targeted specific exercises. All help in attaining and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Sports injuries can vary from acute sprains caused by a fall to chronic over use problems, which slowly grumble away in the background until that ache develops into a disabling pain. Either of these can result in cessation of training and competition.

Extended rest and inactivity can result in prolonged absence from training and competition. The Chilterns Sports Clinic’s aim is to get you to full fitness as soon as possible. This will be done utilising evidenced-based principles of treatment ranging from biomechanical evaluation to simple injury prevention exercises.

The Clinic will also be offering injury prevention classes designed specifically for low back pain/pelvic instability and tight hamstrings and lower limb dysfunction covering knee, shin, calf, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, foot and ankle disorders.

“The team at the Chilterns Sports Clinic were able to diagnose my problem and set me on the road to recovery really quickly. I’m now back in training and feeling great” – Daniel, Sports Clinic client”